11 Dec

Ways That You Can Be Inspired to Paint

Different people seek inspiration from different things. When it comes to art, anything can inspire you. There are no limits to what can inspire you and when. There are various ways that you can get inspired to paint.

Explore Your Surroundings

Nature is beautiful and exploring your surroundings is one way that you can be inspired to paint. Nature is not the only thing around you that can boost your inspiration, but everything else that is around you. It could be the people, the buildings, the roads and the animals or something else. There is are no limitations.

Check Other Peoples Work

Art is quite unique and it is one of the best ways to express yourself. When you look at other artists’ works whether on the internet or in a gallery, it is easy to draw inspiration from them. It does not mean that you will paint similar things, but you can get an idea that you did not have and come up with a paint that is extra ordinary.

Be Open Minded

When you need to paint, you should be open minded. Do not limit yourself to what you can paint. One of the most beautiful things about painting is that you can never be limited. There is always something that you can paint in a different way. Go through your previous ideas and you could get inspiration from that as well.

Talk to People

Talking to creative people about your ideas from time to time can be of significant help. It could be that they have ideas but they cannot paint. You could be surprised to hear what great ideas they have and what could be of interest to you. It is not only creative people that can inspire you, it could be anyone.

Listen to Different Kind of Music

You have probably heard of people who get inspired to do things by music. Music is an art itself that can motivate you to paint. It is interesting what music can do to your mood, mind and ideas. Although you can listen to your favorite music, there is no specific genre that you should listen to.

Listen to something that you have never heard before, a musician that you have not heard about and even songs in a language that you do not understand.

As an artist who feels that they have run out of ideas to paint, there are many ways that you can seek inspiration. Going down the memory lane when you were a small kid, back in school and beautiful time spent with family can help you in your journey as an artist.

02 Jun

The Life Cycle of a Trend

Fad-Fashion-Trend-CyclesDo trends really have life cycles? Well yes, sort of.

But before we start analysing such a question lets revisit what a trend is.

A trend is something that catches on. It could be a fashion style, a way of acting, behaving or generally being. However the easiest way to show what a trend is, is through fashion.

Fashion trends come and go and this is what we will use to show the life cycle of a trend.

Take for instance flare pants. They were huge back in the 1970’s when they were being worn by everyday people, movie stars and musicians. Having high end celebrities sporting a new line of clothing is a sure fire way to create attention. And with their large fan networks you are sure to have these fans start following their fashion sense.

Before long everyone is wearing them and if do not own a pair of flares you might as well be an outcast.

At this stage in the trends life it is booming and may reach a peak. A trends decline starts when it peaks at market saturation or possibly a newer more attractive fashion style comes in for its movement into its peak phase.

The whole cycle from birth, to peak and decline may be short lived. Or it could be long lasting over several decades. It really depends.

However history shows us that the life cycle of trends is different from that of a humans life cycle. Being that a trend can be reborn. Some may even argue that this is the same as a human’s life cycle through reincarnation. But that is best left to another discussion.

Something can happen in a trends life cycle that can give it new life. Often it may be another celebrity or high end famous individual that has decided to wear this old fashion one again. Or maybe a designer has taken the old fashion item and revamped, tweaked or somehow changed it slightly to give it new life.

Either way the life cycle of a trend is reborn and it can once again start its climb to fame and peak once more. This time around it may be more accepted by the global population. It may even enjoy more time in the limelight for it second, or third coming.