29 Nov

Top 5 Free Graph Design Programmes

So. Let’s talk graphic design. Everyone seems to be getting into it these days! Creatively mashing together different images to create something completely new. Two options: You are already well into it and want to know what software is out there to help you out, or you are considering getting started but don’t want to invest yet before knowing if it is really something for you.

No problem, that’s what we are for! We have compiled a list of what we consider to be the top five free graphic design software out there for you to download.


Inkscape is an open sourced vector graphics editor which focuses on the SVG (scalable vector graphics) format as the primary file format. Containing tools such as alpha blending, markers, node editing, bitmap tracing and other advanced features, it is a great choice for the potential graphic designer. It’s similar to Coral Draw, Xara X, and Illustrator.

It is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.


If your thing is more working with photography, GIMP is the tool for you. It is free and contains many brilliant features for photo editing and graphic design. Although it does not contain all the tools available to you in Photoshop, for the beginner, it is more than enough.

Should their tools and features be insufficient, third-party plugins are available.

Although it started on Linux, it is now also available on Windows and Mac.


Great, we have a general graphics design program, one highly focused on editing, cloning and working with photographs and images, but what do you do if your thing is more three-dimensional? No problem, for the 3D nerds there is Blender. Whether it is modeling, rigging, or animating, Blender has it all.

Given, its interface looks a lot more complicated than the previous two, but it is entirely customizable to suit your particular needs.


This online editor works similar to Adobe Illustrator. It is built entirely on HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. As the software was built for 2D, if you are a budding talent in programming you are free to play around with it and enhance to 3D. It uses XML to detail the shapes.


Sketch-Up is one of the most user-friendly and easier programs out there, particularly if you are just getting started. It is a 3D modeling software that lets you start off by drawing lines, pushing and pulling them around, add a splash of color and really dip your toes in to have a feel. Of course, it is more than useful for the more advanced designers too, but we recommend it especially for the newbies.