15 Aug

Creative Coffee Table Designs

A simple thing like a coffee table in your home can say a lot about you and leave a lasting impression for guests.  You want to come home and simply have an experience when sipping your coffee after a day’s hard work. A home should have that relaxed environment and be therapeutic to you and your hosts. By the end of the day, you want that feeling that you’re getting your money’s worth and all the hard work you’re putting in is paying off. It’s a sense of satisfaction.

The Vintage Design

The vintage design simply is that old school feel that can goes back to ages before. For example, you might have a lion carved out, an eagle or a Jaguar and this might stretch out your budget as it may have some handy work carved out on it. Never be afraid to propose a certain design to your table maker that would make it unique and not like everybody else’s coffee table when you walk into their house. Look out for finishing in this. You can’t afford to have chips hanging depending on what you want as it would be hard to repair.

The Contemporary Look

The contemporary look has more to do with uncharted designs and may be close to some design that you have not seen for example, can you make a triangular coffee table that wouldn’t topple over when your kids are playing around? Or a cuboid glass coffee table that has some water or some liquid in it or even having some neon light effect. This would be the kind of coffee table that would go with modern themes. It is also good that this design should match or complement with designs of other things in your household.

The Functional look

This is a coffee table that not only has some aesthetic aspect but is also functional. To some people, space might be an issue and they might need to economize. A coffee table that has shelves might store dishes inside or may have a freezer or may be folded so that it only comes out when in use. It might even come with a set of retractable wheels when you want to do this. The bottom line is for you to assess what you would like with the space that you have or seek the expertise of an interior designer.

The Cheap Innovation

This is the idea of keeping it simple using locally available material that would otherwise be considered as junk. Simple appeals more than complicated and people are able to relate to it more. This would also spark a lot of conversation around it and would be also pocket-friendly. This might also be your own project which would have some more sentimental value than your average table. Innovation is exciting and you would be surprised how you would attract new customers.

Don’t be quick to purchase a coffee table; it is critical that it fits the theme of your house for that satisfying feeling. Enjoy.

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