28 Dec

Reducing Bounce Rates in Web Design

As the web design market keeps evolving, there are designs that will be effective more than others.

What was working five years ago may no longer be effective today? When designing a website, what are some strategies that will improve bounce rates?

What is a Bounce Rate?

The first thing to do is to understand what a bounce rate is. How many visitors get to the entrance page and leave without any further clicks and how many proceed on to other pages? If more are leaving at the entrance page, then the bounce rate is high. This can be reduced by the implementation of several strategies that will make the visitors have an urge to visit other pages.

  • Add Attractive Multimedia

This part of web design has significantly evolved. Gone are the days when users would just read long informative content. They have become quite ‘busy’ to do all that. One way that you can reduce a website’s bounce rate is by adding images and attractive videos that are relevant to the website or the message that you are communicating. 

  • Enhance Content Readability

Content must be legible and relevant otherwise the web will experience high bounce rates. Legibility is not all about content, but also wording and formatting. Use subheadings, bullet points, images, give readers answers to the most possible questions and give a conclusion. Visitors to the website will find the content easy to read. 

  • Always Update with Relevant Content

If users visit the website and they find the same content for a long period of time, the bounce rates will increase. Fresh and relevant content should be updated consistently. The content must not only be powerful but also right for the readers. It must answer their questions, be timely and well represented.

  • Enhance Mobile Responsiveness

Mobile responsiveness is crucial in every website and blog. Readers must be able to access content and images without issues. This is the reason Google introduced mobile responsiveness website design. Users would have challenges accessing various websites from their mobile phones. 

Unless a website keeps in mind what users want, it will never improve bounce rates. Users will visit several pages of a website if it’s easy for them to navigate, the content is fresh, it’s legible and relevant. Mobile responsiveness and appealing content are other factors that will reduce bounce rates. It’s vital to work with a knowledgeable website designer who is aware of the current trends.

21 Sep

Want Your Logo to Standout? Avoid These Mistakes

Most consumers will know a company by its logo. This is one reason that the logo should be unique and stand out from all the rest. However, it is a challenge for many to come up with such a logo. The colors of the company and the design must be considered carefully. By understanding the most common mistakes to avoid in logo design, it will be possible to create a unique brand for your company.

Using the Wrong Font

During logo design, the most suitable font should be used. The good thing is that fonts can be modified or created and sampled to see how the logo turns out. Choosing a font should not be hasty, it’s imperative that proper research is done not only to find the best font, but also one that will work well with the brand identity.

Using Raster Images

Using raster images mean that the logo is not versatile. It will not be used across all platforms where the logo is needed. This is a huge mistake since the logo will have to be re-designed whenever it’s needed for another media. For it to be scaled to any size and to make it versatile, it’s advisable to use vector graphics programs. The importance of this option is that there is visual consistency in the logo regardless of the media it is used in.

Depending on Special Effects

A logo should not rely on special effects to make it outstanding. It should be unique whether it has colors or not. A good graphic designer will first work with different variations without any color effects focusing on the concept and the shape. Once this is done and the logo looks perfect, then special effects and colors can be used to finalize.

A Logo that is Too Complex

A complex logo may not be versatile and it may be complicated for a customer to even remember it. It also does not look good when consumers can barely understand it. It’s important to avoid designing a logo that is complex. Simplicity will make it easy for people to remember it while at the same time making it more versatile.

When it comes to logo designing, it’s the small things that matter. Avoid creating a logo that is too complex, depending on special effects before it is finalized, using raster images or the wrong font. These are just some of the mistakes that will mess up any logo.

21 Jun

Why Businesses should not Compromise on Graphic Design

Whether the business has been in existence for years or it is just starting, graphic design is of paramount importance. This is one way that a business can standout by just looking at its logo and website. Even when the business has not enough resources, the importance of graphic design should not be compromised. When all factors are considered, graphic design is important in every business.

·         It Helps a Brand Standout

For any business to create a positive impression on the target audience, it has to stand out. When a professional graphic designer is hired to design a logo or a website, this kind of branding will definitely standout. A professional will see to it that the font, the images, the content and the colors match the theme of the business and they attract customers.

·         It will Keep Customers Coming

Graphic design will make a site and a business standout. When it is visually appealing, there are high chances that customers will want to know more about the services or products offered by the business and this, in turn, will translate into revenue. By investing in professional graphic design, you increase the chances of persuading more customers to purchase from the business.

·         The First Impression Lasts Longer

What your target audience sees on the first day is something that is bound to last for a long time to come and the design of your brochure, logo, website and other marketing materials has a significant role in this. The products and services that you offer will come second. Remember that the visual appeal will either attract or send customers away before they can even think of getting to learn more about the products offered by the business.

·         It Saves Time and Money

Hiring a poorly trained graphic designer will eventually cost more time and money. The marketing materials will need to be redone often and this is time-consuming and it involves payments. Hiring a professional may seem expensive, but it is worth the investment.

Every business that wants their website, logos, and brochures to be visually appealing and in turn lead to conversions, it should embrace the importance of professional graphic design work. Creativity in your business branding makes a lot of difference. When professional graphic design is embraced, the business presentation will make a lasting impression on the audience, consumers will easily remember it and it’s a good way to attract new customers.

11 Mar

How to Become a Successful Graphic Designer

Being a graphic designer is well known profession that pays well to those that understands how it works. With the exception of having the ideal skills through training, you have to be a creative person. This is because you do not just design and create graphics, you have to employ creativity. This is what your clients will be looking for.

Have the Right Skills

This is one of the most important steps that you should take in your career. This proves that you are qualified as a graphic designer. Although you can opt for self-study, it is better when you take a training course. You will find most universities and colleges offering the course. A professional will train you and you will learn how to work with various design tools.


You can only become an expert when you practice what you have learnt. Remember that in your line of duty, you have to show capabilities and talent. Build your portfolio through practicing and the more experience you gather, the higher the chances of getting an ideal job.

Brand Yourself

A brand says a lot. You have to create your own brand if you have to be successful as a designer stylist. Personalize your brand, let your work speak for you and when people see a well-designed piece out there, let them think about your brand.

Have an Impressive Online Presence

The world we are living in is technologically driven. Most people are using the internet to find a reliable designer. Create a website and use different social media platforms to display your work. When a potential client makes an enquiry, you do not have to send it through emails. You can refer them to your online portfolio thus it has to be impressive.

Do not Underestimate Small Tasks

Just because you are professionally trained and you have the relevant skills to qualify for a well-paying job does not mean that you should not take small jobs. When you are starting out, these are some of the jobs that you should start with. Every project that relates to your career is important as this will give you varying experiences. As a graphic designer, you must be a person who pays attention to details. Having unique ideas, being customer service oriented, having good communication skills and a good sense of design is of prime importance. Keep tabs with the current trends in the industry and develop your own style. Within no time, you will be a competitive graphic designer.

08 Sep

Why you should hire graphics designer

Teamwork makes the dream work and that is made possible by assembling a group of professionals with different talents working towards a common goal. As a business owner, you must resist the temptation to DIY everything and instead has a team you can trust. Even though doing it all yourself may seem like a good idea at first, it can get overwhelming and lead to certain aspects of your business to suffer. So instead of taking time off to learn graphics design online, hire a trained professional to get great results. This is important for many reasons.

Things look more professional

Design as much as it is an art, it is an art that requires study and a lot of creativity. You may understand color and symbols but a professional graphics designer will combine them to visually represent your brand.

Make a lasting impression

A designer is always aware of various design elements that can be incorporated to make your brand stand out. They live for beautiful details and are resourceful in impressing and delighting onlookers.

It is very time efficient

Everyone in your team can only ever be an expert at one thing, let your graphics designer be the expert in graphic design. When one person is given too many tasks they end up not doing their best which leads to wasted time to fix errors and delays completion of tasks.

Less stress to go around

Rebranding and designing can be stressful and as a business owner, you already have enough on your plate. A professional graphics designer takes the time out to study your target audience, competition, and your business before they can create something to present to you. With everything else awaiting your attention, aren’t you glad to have someone dependable for the job?

Get a fresh take on things

As business owners, we tend to think we know everything about our business but a fresh perspective from an outside is always a great input. A great designer will look at what you have given them and give great insight on how it can be visually represented to your audience.

It will help you get noticed

The great thing about hiring a field expert is they study the trends and keep up-to-date on the latest software to make their job easier and output more appealing. This wealth of knowledge can then be used to help you enhance your brand and achieve your goals.

Maintaining consistency

When it comes to creating branding media, anyone with basic understanding of marketing will tell you how important it is that your brand sends clear and consistent messages to establish credibility and avoid confusing potential and existing customers. A professional will help you set the tone for your brand and associated media to achieve this objective.

Your numbers will increase

With a clear, consistent message and well thought-out branding that resonates with your audience you are bound to be more recognizable and hence attract more customers.

02 Jun

What you should do when your design project has gone south

Hiring a professional designer for your project is a brilliant Idea. Obviously, because he has the skill and the expertise needed to carry out your project. But in some instances, your designer may not meet up to your expectation. If this is the case, what are you going to do?

In this article, we are going to be looking at an approach you could take when a designer is not able to meet up to your expectation.


You definitely will agree that prevention is better than cure. In that light, the best way prevents a situation like this from occurring in the first place is by carefully planning the details of your project. After planning, make sure you and your designer come to a conclusion. During your planning, it is wise you prepare for cases like this.

Terms of payment

Before you give your designer the go-ahead to start your project, it is wise that you make your terms of payment very clear. Paying on an hourly basis is not really a good idea because you are definitely going to have to pay your designer even if you don’t like the quality of his work. A better option will be to pay per project. What this means is that you are going to pay your designer only when he has completed your project.  Of course, there should be a clause that he will do up to three revisions in the event that you don’t like the quality of his job. You and your designer need to come to terms on these matters before pressing on with your project.

If you don’t come to terms with your designer on certain issues, you are going to have to deal with a lot of unpleasant issues in the long run.


Feedback is a crucial part of any project. The feedback system is one of the most effective ways you can air your thoughts about your project. Your designer should give you an update each and every day so that you can easily telling him things that you want to change.

If you find out that your designer is not able to follow your instruction to the letter, it would be wise for you to end your contract with him and look for another one.

29 Nov

Top 5 Free Graph Design Programmes

So. Let’s talk graphic design. Everyone seems to be getting into it these days! Creatively mashing together different images to create something completely new. Two options: You are already well into it and want to know what software is out there to help you out, or you are considering getting started but don’t want to invest yet before knowing if it is really something for you.

No problem, that’s what we are for! We have compiled a list of what we consider to be the top five free graphic design software out there for you to download.


Inkscape is an open sourced vector graphics editor which focuses on the SVG (scalable vector graphics) format as the primary file format. Containing tools such as alpha blending, markers, node editing, bitmap tracing and other advanced features, it is a great choice for the potential graphic designer. It’s similar to Coral Draw, Xara X, and Illustrator.

It is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.


If your thing is more working with photography, GIMP is the tool for you. It is free and contains many brilliant features for photo editing and graphic design. Although it does not contain all the tools available to you in Photoshop, for the beginner, it is more than enough.

Should their tools and features be insufficient, third-party plugins are available.

Although it started on Linux, it is now also available on Windows and Mac.


Great, we have a general graphics design program, one highly focused on editing, cloning and working with photographs and images, but what do you do if your thing is more three-dimensional? No problem, for the 3D nerds there is Blender. Whether it is modeling, rigging, or animating, Blender has it all.

Given, its interface looks a lot more complicated than the previous two, but it is entirely customizable to suit your particular needs.


This online editor works similar to Adobe Illustrator. It is built entirely on HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. As the software was built for 2D, if you are a budding talent in programming you are free to play around with it and enhance to 3D. It uses XML to detail the shapes.


Sketch-Up is one of the most user-friendly and easier programs out there, particularly if you are just getting started. It is a 3D modeling software that lets you start off by drawing lines, pushing and pulling them around, add a splash of color and really dip your toes in to have a feel. Of course, it is more than useful for the more advanced designers too, but we recommend it especially for the newbies.

15 Aug

Creative Coffee Table Designs

A simple thing like a coffee table in your home can say a lot about you and leave a lasting impression for guests.  You want to come home and simply have an experience when sipping your coffee after a day’s hard work. A home should have that relaxed environment and be therapeutic to you and your hosts. By the end of the day, you want that feeling that you’re getting your money’s worth and all the hard work you’re putting in is paying off. It’s a sense of satisfaction.

The Vintage Design

The vintage design simply is that old school feel that can goes back to ages before. For example, you might have a lion carved out, an eagle or a Jaguar and this might stretch out your budget as it may have some handy work carved out on it. Never be afraid to propose a certain design to your table maker that would make it unique and not like everybody else’s coffee table when you walk into their house. Look out for finishing in this. You can’t afford to have chips hanging depending on what you want as it would be hard to repair.

The Contemporary Look

The contemporary look has more to do with uncharted designs and may be close to some design that you have not seen for example, can you make a triangular coffee table that wouldn’t topple over when your kids are playing around? Or a cuboid glass coffee table that has some water or some liquid in it or even having some neon light effect. This would be the kind of coffee table that would go with modern themes. It is also good that this design should match or complement with designs of other things in your household.

The Functional look

This is a coffee table that not only has some aesthetic aspect but is also functional. To some people, space might be an issue and they might need to economize. A coffee table that has shelves might store dishes inside or may have a freezer or may be folded so that it only comes out when in use. It might even come with a set of retractable wheels when you want to do this. The bottom line is for you to assess what you would like with the space that you have or seek the expertise of an interior designer.

The Cheap Innovation

This is the idea of keeping it simple using locally available material that would otherwise be considered as junk. Simple appeals more than complicated and people are able to relate to it more. This would also spark a lot of conversation around it and would be also pocket-friendly. This might also be your own project which would have some more sentimental value than your average table. Innovation is exciting and you would be surprised how you would attract new customers.

Don’t be quick to purchase a coffee table; it is critical that it fits the theme of your house for that satisfying feeling. Enjoy.

04 Nov

Why Website Design Is So Important

web-design-importanceIf you have a website, one of the things you should prioritize is your web design. A lot of web designers will tell their clients that creating websites is not just a service, but also it is an art. Anyone may throw up a site these days, yet will it deliver a clear message or look professional? It takes a skilled professional to make a website looks functional and polished.

It’s obvious that a good web design is important to succeed in a world driven by online marketing, yet it can’t be overstated. With the numerous websites online, it’s essential to make your website stand out. You have to remember that the attention span of almost all internet users is shorter than in the previous years. Research shows that whenever people look over the internet that if they cannot start searching for what they’re looking for within a few seconds, they’ll most likely get frustrated.

There are other reasons why website design is crucial and these include the following:

  • Good Websites Boost Customer Conversions

    If your website is well-designed, you can guarantee that you will get more customer conversions. The main reason behind it is that good websites lead customers to what they are supposed to do without fluff or distraction. Regardless of your actions you want your clients to take when reaching your page, you may guide them to that action with web design elements. Just see to it that your website is easy to navigate and do not waste the time of your customers.

  • Responsive Web Design Can Help You Reach More Customers

    More users do business using their mobile phones. If you consider a responsive web design, your business will surely have a new set of clients. You can gear your business towards those individuals who are not always using a computer. With the use of responsive website design, it allows you to get more sales and customers.

  • Websites Can Help You with Branding

    If your website looks dull, expect that it’ll hurt your brand. Scamy-looking websites will drive your potential customers away. On contrary, a website with an elegant web design can help individuals connect with your branding. Simple but creative websites send the message that your brand is modern, service-based, and useful. Having user-friendly pages make potential clients more likely to trust you or reach out enough to contact you. Your website directly reflects branding, yet never let that scare you. But rather, know the potential it offers.

  • Functionality and Beauty

    Artwork is beautiful, yet is it really functional? Websites may be both, which is why many people love them. Web design is a great combination of creative and logic thought. It is simple to forget how much you need and appreciate the best websites until you see a bad one. The practical aesthetics enable websites to turn an emotional appeal to solid action.

Web design must be one of your priorities when managing a website. Whether it is for your business or personal use, web design can make a vast difference in getting more visitors.

30 Jun

Bathroom Designs & Renovation Tips for the Sydney DIY’er

bathroom designThe residents of Sydney, Australia know all to well the rising costs of property in the area. For first home buyers getting enough capital together to secure a loan and purchase their first home is a mammoth task. If you are lucky enough to have crossed this border you know all too well that having extra money to put into renovations if almost non existent. So how can you give your newly purchased home a facelift without breaking the bank? A good old DIY, that’s how.

Renovating a bathroom is one of the most expensive rooms in the modern Sydney home to renovate. The reason being that many jobs are highly skilled, or require licensing to be completed. Trades such as plumbing and electrical must be completed by licensed tradesmen and this is where the costs can escalate quickly. However you can still significantly reduce your bathroom renovation costs by taking on as much as you can as a DIY’er. But where do you start?

Bathroom Design

If you have ever requested the services of a professional designer, you will know that this profession can charge a great deal for their skill. However avoiding such a hefty bill is easily achieved. Do your own research and see what styles, colours and ideas you like. Match a style that is consistent with the rest of your house to ensure that your bathroom has a sense of belonging to your home. Depending on your current bathroom’s layout of plumbing and structural design complex changes may not always be possible. But it is great to have some base ideas to present to a professional bathroom renovator to see if your ideas are possible.

Renovation Tips to reduce costs

As mentioned above there are some trades that you need to request the services of a licensed tradesmen. There are also some other trades that you may with to request the services of that require great skill. These include waterproofing, rendering, tiling, etc. Unless of course you have any experience in this tasks, in which case you may be able to complete these to reduce costs. Personally I would rather have a profession tile my bathroom renovation for me as I know my attempt would most likely be uneven, ugly and not drain correctly.

You can also save costs by sourcing materials and bathware yourself from second hand or recycle centres. Second hand shops always provide cheaper costs than brand new, but you will have to shop around and spend time locating the real gems.

At the end of the day you can save big bucks on your Sydney bathroom renovation by spending a good amount of time researching your design and locating cheaper materials. I would then recommend hiring the services of a professional bathroom renovations Sydney company to complete the actual work for you. They can often highlight some idea flaws you may have, and let you know additional areas where you can save costs. But above all make sure you are not cutting costs on necessary trades that will affect the overall look and lastability of your new bathroom.