30 Jun

Bathroom Designs & Renovation Tips for the Sydney DIY’er

bathroom designThe residents of Sydney, Australia know all to well the rising costs of property in the area. For first home buyers getting enough capital together to secure a loan and purchase their first home is a mammoth task. If you are lucky enough to have crossed this border you know all too well that having extra money to put into renovations if almost non existent. So how can you give your newly purchased home a facelift without breaking the bank? A good old DIY, that’s how.

Renovating a bathroom is one of the most expensive rooms in the modern Sydney home to renovate. The reason being that many jobs are highly skilled, or require licensing to be completed. Trades such as plumbing and electrical must be completed by licensed tradesmen and this is where the costs can escalate quickly. However you can still significantly reduce your bathroom renovation costs by taking on as much as you can as a DIY’er. But where do you start?

Bathroom Design

If you have ever requested the services of a professional designer, you will know that this profession can charge a great deal for their skill. However avoiding such a hefty bill is easily achieved. Do your own research and see what styles, colours and ideas you like. Match a style that is consistent with the rest of your house to ensure that your bathroom has a sense of belonging to your home. Depending on your current bathroom’s layout of plumbing and structural design complex changes may not always be possible. But it is great to have some base ideas to present to a professional bathroom renovator to see if your ideas are possible.

Renovation Tips to reduce costs

As mentioned above there are some trades that you need to request the services of a licensed tradesmen. There are also some other trades that you may with to request the services of that require great skill. These include waterproofing, rendering, tiling, etc. Unless of course you have any experience in this tasks, in which case you may be able to complete these to reduce costs. Personally I would rather have a profession tile my bathroom renovation for me as I know my attempt would most likely be uneven, ugly and not drain correctly.

You can also save costs by sourcing materials and bathware yourself from second hand or recycle centres. Second hand shops always provide cheaper costs than brand new, but you will have to shop around and spend time locating the real gems.

At the end of the day you can save big bucks on your Sydney bathroom renovation by spending a good amount of time researching your design and locating cheaper materials. I would then recommend hiring the services of a professional bathroom renovations Sydney company to complete the actual work for you. They can often highlight some idea flaws you may have, and let you know additional areas where you can save costs. But above all make sure you are not cutting costs on necessary trades that will affect the overall look and lastability of your new bathroom.