27 Feb

Design jobs for creative

The current job market has room for more than just high GPAs. There are more opportunities for artistic people who color outside the lines. In the past primarily art subjects were the main criteria, employers are now seeking to hire talent that has a keen eye for design, tech-savvy with some kind of background in science. There is more to design than just graphics and if being hired as a full-time design creative is a great career choice, there is a long list of careers lined up for you.

Marketing manager

Marketing is an area that has the best of both the art worlds of business and creativity. You have full responsibility for your products by creating ads, branding, packaging, public relations, and other related fields. If juggling all that isn’t an effective way to spend your workday, what else will be?


Copywriters are the word crafters behind advertising campaigns and are employed by ad agencies. Their days are filled with coming up with catchy messages to accompany visuals and musical themes of ads. What keeps them busier is adapting different material so it speaks to different target audiences.


Different from copywriting in many ways, writing can be any of the 4 main types where you either narrate, exposit, describe or persuade. Fancy yourself the next Sidney Sheldon or J.K. Rowling? Then this is the job for you. However if you fear the limelight and hoards of fans chasing you down for an autograph you may choose to ghostwrite, where you write for other people and sign away full rights.


In the age of social media and most notably Instagram, photography has become a popular hobby for a lot of people but it has also become the source of income for many more. Photographers have a wide room to apply for jobs as they can work in generating visual content for print houses, media houses, online content and personal photography among others.

Animator/Multimedia artist

These professionals are tasked with creating animations and special effects in movies, TV shows and video games among other genres. They can work with 2D or 3D media as well. This is one job where creative meets science as they can write their own code or work with existing software like Adobe Photoshop and Acrobat.

User experience designer

User experience designers’ or UX designers’ primary job is making sure websites, mobile applications, video games, and software are easy to use and cater to the needs of users. This often requires them to study people’s reactions to a system and make adjustments according to the feedback given taking into account the system’s functions, accessibility, values, and credibility.

Interior designer

This is one job where one’s customer service skills come into play just as much as their creative skills. This profession requires a keen eye for functionality and aesthetic appeal of an area, choosing everything from the floor up including flowing, furniture, lighting color schemes and every other element in a room or a building.