21 Sep

Want Your Logo to Standout? Avoid These Mistakes

Most consumers will know a company by its logo. This is one reason that the logo should be unique and stand out from all the rest. However, it is a challenge for many to come up with such a logo. The colors of the company and the design must be considered carefully. By understanding the most common mistakes to avoid in logo design, it will be possible to create a unique brand for your company.

Using the Wrong Font

During logo design, the most suitable font should be used. The good thing is that fonts can be modified or created and sampled to see how the logo turns out. Choosing a font should not be hasty, it’s imperative that proper research is done not only to find the best font, but also one that will work well with the brand identity.

Using Raster Images

Using raster images mean that the logo is not versatile. It will not be used across all platforms where the logo is needed. This is a huge mistake since the logo will have to be re-designed whenever it’s needed for another media. For it to be scaled to any size and to make it versatile, it’s advisable to use vector graphics programs. The importance of this option is that there is visual consistency in the logo regardless of the media it is used in.

Depending on Special Effects

A logo should not rely on special effects to make it outstanding. It should be unique whether it has colors or not. A good graphic designer will first work with different variations without any color effects focusing on the concept and the shape. Once this is done and the logo looks perfect, then special effects and colors can be used to finalize.

A Logo that is Too Complex

A complex logo may not be versatile and it may be complicated for a customer to even remember it. It also does not look good when consumers can barely understand it. It’s important to avoid designing a logo that is complex. Simplicity will make it easy for people to remember it while at the same time making it more versatile.

When it comes to logo designing, it’s the small things that matter. Avoid creating a logo that is too complex, depending on special effects before it is finalized, using raster images or the wrong font. These are just some of the mistakes that will mess up any logo.